Inspirational Hindi stories

प्रेरणादायक हिंदी कहानियां



Many time there is a need to motivate our self. Inspirational Hindi stories are the collection of Hindi stories to motivate and to inspire so that we can achieve our goals in life.


PanchTantra Story - Thirsty Crow


This is a story of thirsty crow, he saw the water in a pitcher but water level was very low. Read the story - How he used his wisdom and put efforts to quench his thirst.. - an inspiring Panch-Tantra story


PanchTantra Story - बुद्धिमान बंदर


This is a story of Intelligent monkey, who trapped in the water with a crocodile, without wasting a single second how he twist the situation in his favour and saved his life. a full of wisdom Panch-Tantra story


The Jackal and the Drum - सियार और ढोल

The story of a Jackal, who was hungry. He did not think before act. As a result Jackal had to slept empty stomach. Panchtantra story teaches us a lesson to act wisely to conquer fear.








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